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April turned into the bee's knees! 

The sun is shining, it's officially the hot, dry season of spring and our new bee friends are working right along. 

My husband has been talking about getting bees for the 8 years we have lived in this house. He has researched every book, talked to his father that had bees, gone to bee classes, but this year he finally decided to get some hives. It's a big undertaking, with an unsecured risk. You don't know if the bees will take, if the colony will collapse, or if you are doing something wrong that will cause them to swarm. You can ask 5 beekeepers the same question and get 6 different answers all with varying degrees of being completely the opposite answer. One will say up and the other will say down, while someone else will say up in the winter and down in the summer. The main lesson he has learned is to try it one way and if that doesn't work, try it another way. 


While honey might be a few months off yet, our bees are busy little girls. We often sit in the evenings and just watch them fly around, returning to their home laden with yellow pollen. They flock to our garden (which was one of the big reasons we wanted them) and cover the blackberry flowers. The kids are fascinated with them and it has been a great homeschool project. My oldest even has his own bee suit! 


So now we watch and wait (so the hard part). We hope we aren't doing anything wrong to cause them to leave, we hope the frames fill out with yummy golden honey, we hope this little venture is successful. We know even if things fail this time around, there is always next time, that good things come to those that work hard and wait. Hopefully soon I will be able to show you just how the production of honey really works. 


This month I am highlighting a little faster motion, BEES! We recently started into the world of apiary! It has been so much fun and hopefully, we will have some very local honey before the end of the year!
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PS: Did you know that honey bought in stores can have up to 50% corn syrup and still be called 100% pure honey? Pretty crazy huh?


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Nikki Gould(non-registered)
This is so fascinating!! I love that your kids are right out there with you too! Such a fun family activity!
That looks like it's a lot of fun and very interesting to learn. How long will it take before you can jar some beautiful honey?
Great job!! I have a very talented daughter!
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