Real life modern day romance and a totally awesome gift idea {Family photographer | Lithia, FL}

Wife feeding husband Modern day RomanceWhat real life love looks like in our homes these days. Lithia Family photographer

My blog last week about the glass bottle and the lesson I learned from throwing it away (click here if you didn’t get to read it), got me thinking about parenting and real life romance in the face of Valentine’s Day.

You see I never have been much of a flowers and chocolate kind of girl, but the older I get the more I realize how much the everyday moments really mean so much more. That the word “romance” takes on a whole new meaning as a mom, business owner, housekeeper, teacher, and keeper of all things. I go back to that simple list of thoughts I had and realized just how much they applied to today’s romance in my house!

What we perceive as the “boring” moments now become the momentous moments.

That we might think our lives are bland or mundane, but they aren’t. I mean hello! Who else has kids running naked screaming around the house? Far from boring! 

those real life, everyday moments mean something to us in time. We start to miss the silliness of our kids running naked through the house (just not the screaming part)

Those boring moments are now so freaking awesome right?

Just sitting on the couch watching a movie together after the kids go to bed, beer in your hand, sharing some popcorn.

When I tell him I'm too tired to clean up after cooking dinner and he says "that's fine baby", and then cleans up for me letting me rest on the couch.

It’s leaving the last treat; the last brownie, cookie, piece of cake, scoop of ice-cream, whatever. Something so simple, but means so much!

It's coming home to a clean house after traveling out of town, lying in bed and just watching Netflix.


We don’t look for grand gestures, it’s the small ones in our lives that make the biggest impact!  
Those real everyday moments.

Romance in our home as parents 
is taking care of the new baby so the main caregiver can take a silent shower (not totally silent because we still are sure we can hear the baby crying...)

Mom and Dad at IkeaModern Day Romance Mom and Dad stealing some alone minutes. Tampa Bay FAmiliy photographer

It’s having a date night in after canceling plans because the kids got sick.

Its brief brushes of skin to skin as you walk by one another.

It’s letting the kid’s watch youtube so you can have a normal, grown-up conversation about anything.

Mom and Dad at IkeaModern Day Romance Mom and Dad stealing some alone minutes. Tampa Bay FAmiliy photographer


It’s drawing straws over who gets to sleep in on Saturday morning, and the person that loses bringing coffee in bed.

It’s bringing home pizza instead of flowers so no meals need to be cooked.

It’s saying sorry for having a short a temper after a long day.

Family eating dinner together Modern Day Romance as parentsFishhawk family photographer capturing what dinner time means


It is without question or hesitation, jumping in the car to go to the doctor’s office when unexpected, worrisome news comes, even though you were fully prepared to drag your 2 sick toddlers with you and do it alone.

Its simple acts of service that make up real life romance in today’s modern family home. The grand gestures fade as we age, but those simple everyday moments are ingrained upon our soul. The real life ones, not the glamorous ones made up in the movies.

This beautiful real life of ours is a love story. It’s messy and gooey, and real.


Parents enjoying a laugh Modern Day romance as parentsStealing those few quiet moments where we can as parents to express our love. Tampa Bay Family photographer. Candid, unposed true real life moments


Here is where I get to the part about the totally awesome gift idea! 

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Mom and Dad in the lighting section of IkeaMom and Dad stealing a moment while shopping at IkeaModern day romance as parents looks a little different. Lithia family photographer. Raw candid, unposed real life moments.
Are you ready to celebrate your real life love story? The dirt, the loudness, and the beauty? 


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