60 seconds of real life in February { Family photographer, videographer | Lithia, FL}

Candid, Unposed Family Film. Tampa Photographer60 seconds of real life in February { Family photographer, videographer | Lithia, FL}Real life family films. Lithia photographer

The veil of newness has totally blown off. All thoughts and goals for the new year have started to fade a little. I will be honest, this year I kept my list fairly short. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with a long to-do list and just not do any of it! The longer the list the more oppressive it becomes. I don't want to get sucked down that rabbit hole! 

Here are some of the things that I have been working on to keep that rabbit hole short:

  • I have been reading (well listening to) the book The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey and while I really am only half listening, one of the big things I picked up is to keep my to-do lists down to three main goals. My three for today, my three for this week, my three for this quarter. Three is easy to keep in my brain what I need to get done, they can be as simple as write a blog post, to get all the housecleaning done (who are we kidding, the blog post is much more likely to get done). So now even if I write out a 10-page list of things, I number 1,2,3 and ignore the rest till those 3 are done. It has helped.
  • I strive for things to be done, not perfect. Perfection is so overrated and done is much better. Does that mean I don't have to reread, re-edit or spell check that blog post I wrote? No! But it does mean that I shouldn't pontificate over every word used making an hour project stretch into 3 hours. Just write it, check for those grammatical errors that I make all the time and be done. Check the box. 
  • The last and most important, be productive when it's really needed. In other words, it's fine to sit on the toilet and thumb through Facebook while the hot shower water is running, but when I am writing, editing or really anything work-related, I need to hide my phone and hit the X on the facebook tab! Like sometimes I even use an app that keeps me from opening the website... seriously, I have a problem. 


While I recognize that this is a total tangent from me just showing you what the family was up to in the month of February, I thought I would share some of the real aspects of my life. How the view of me having my sh*t together is really just a facade in case you haven't noticed. I know what February is like, while here spring, actually more like summer, has sprung, many of you guys are slogging through the winter blues. You need some support, someone to tell you that the winter finish line is almost there, just keep chugging on those goals, take your thimble and get out of that caucus race.

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So this month we spent a lot of time at home, trying to stay on our school track and really letting the kids be kids. My long-haired hippie decided enough was enough and that he couldn't see the baseball well enough. Out came the clippers. It's like I have a whole new kid at home. We spent hours upon hours in our new clubhouse, the dog included! We also got some new babies that have already lost that new cute baby fluff! 



Once you're done checking out my 60 seconds of motion for February, go down to the comments and tell me how your February looked compared to mine, then head over to Nikki at Olive Shoot Photography and see her sixty seconds of motion! 

{HI, I am Nikki from Houston, TX. I'm a photographer who specializes in documenting the feeling of family in all stages of life. Telling their story artistically through my lens and my heart. I'm a wife to my hubby, and momma to my two children, and I definitely enjoy a tasty dessert, especially if there's chocolate involved! Thanks for coming over}


Want a family film like this to call your own? Let me know! I am here for you! 

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