60 seconds of real life in January { Family photographer, videographer | Lithia, FL}

Lithia family photographer60 seconds of motion filming my life through the month of January in 60 seconds

January 1st, the day of challenge groups, lofty goals, and tackling new things! My challenge this year is really upping my film game! The only way to get better is to work hard, so a challenge group is right up my alley. I joined a few other photographers and our goal is 60 seconds of motion, every 30 days. Sounds easy right? 

We are all documentary based photographers. We all see the beauty in the everyday moments, the boring moments, the real moments, but each of us has a different take on what those moments look like. 

  • Jessica Pajimula is a Houston based photographer that photographs both weddings and families. Jess loves to tell stories the way they should be told! Check out Samrie Lei to see more of her beautiful work! 
  • Rhea Bailey hails from The Bay Area, California. She has 3 main criteria for her work; Authenticity {reflections of the truth}, Captivating {draws attention, inspires a deeper look}, Essential {expressed with purity and minimalism } To see more of work with families, babies and events check out Halona Photography
  • My girl Eboni Rivera spends most of her time in Long Island, NY. She is a jack of all trades and master of all! She not only captures beautiful souls over at EboniRivera.com but also is one of the forces behind Fearless and Framed plus a film mentor with EveryDay Films
  • Nikki Gould is a dear friend that I talk to on almost a daily basis. Her Houston based photography business  Olive Shoot Photography totally rocks her motto of Unposed. Unscripted. Undeniably You.


We each have different goals for our own sixty seconds, but for me I have specific things I really wanted to work on every month. For January it's a layering composition. That means my goal was to have multiple subjects in my frame, let's just say I still need to work on it, BUT I did learn some valuable lessons. I also got to capture my daughter's fourth birthday. Amazing how time flies. 


60 Second Film Project {January} from Momma G Soul on Vimeo.

Once you are done checking my 60 seconds of motion out for January, head over to Nikki at Olive Shoot Photography and see her sixty seconds of motion! 

{HI, I am Nikki from Houston, TX. I'm a photographer who specializes in documenting the feeling of family in all stages of life. Telling their story artistically through my lens and my heart. I'm a wife to my hubby, and momma to my two children, and I definitely enjoy a tasty dessert, especially if there's chocolate involved! Thanks for coming over}



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