Just a normal afternoon {Real life family photographer | Tampa, FL}

Our lives are fluid, ever changing, but sometimes those changes are bigger than others. Imagine if you could bottle up what your life is life right now before the next wave of change settles in. What if you could stop time for a few minutes, take a picture of what your life is like right now and then bottle it up to look back on? I am not talking about made up pictures of what life looks like on really really good days, I mean real life, every day life, the real moments. Did you know that you can do that (with a little help from me)?  

This momma wanted just that, to remember real life as it is now before things morph into something new. Before kids go off to college, before the house becomes quieter and more empty, before life isn't the same crazy rush it is now. Before life shifts into a new direction. 

Real life family photographer Tampa FL Real life family photography sessionJust a typical afternoon at home for this family. Getting all those right now real life moments set in stone before life changes.

This is a family of love, you see it as soon as you walk in the door. It is one of those homes that feels lived in (not in a messy kinda way) just in a way that everywhere you look you see memories. Memories on the walls, the bookshelves, you can feel the laughter in the air. It's a close family that you can tell understands each other with just a look, from mom and dad to the youngest boy. I found myself quiet (for a change) while I shot their session because there was such cohesion between the family that I knew I would intrude by opening my mouth. My words were not needed to ease any tension or break the ice because ice was never formed. 

So I stood back like a fly on the wall and just watched through my lens. I watched board games be played, names be called in jest, silly faces made. I watched towel fights, and chases through the house, cannon balls and games of chicken in the pool. There were no quiet moments, just a home filled with laughter, love and typical sibling rivalry. 





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Kathleen Crites(non-registered)
So, so beautifully done!
Laura Roberts(non-registered)
Wonderful photos and insights into their lives. It captures them well.
Love the video and photo collage! Your documentary family photography is amazing!
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