The details of our life {Family real life photographer | Lithia, FL}

Real life documentary lifestyle photographer Tampa, FLWhat are the details of your life?Preserving the details that make up your story

It's the little things that make up the story of our lives. The way your child brushes the hair from his face, the way your daughter sucks her finger, that special toy they can't live without. These little things all add up to tell our story and not just our immediate family story, but the story of grandparents, friends, extended family. Think back 5 years, what details can you remember from that time? The house you lived in, the people around you, the sounds of your life. 

I recently embarked on an adventure to start recording all these little things. I mean I always have but now they come with movement, sound, context. My daughter's hair blowing in the wind, the way my son has to twist the stem off his apple every time, the details of our home (mess and all). I know I will look back at these moments with tears in my eyes when I get to show them to my children when they are grown. We will have home movie nights with popcorn and movie theater candy and watch our own home movies and reminisce about the details of our lives! 



What are the details of your life? What is your story?


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