Momma Mia Pizzaria. How to throw your dough! {Summer Friday Night Family Session | Valrico, FL }

Summertime Friday Night LightsSummer time friday nightsSummer time fun. What a fun way to spend Friday nights.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say summertime Friday nights?

  • Is it staying up late?
  • Movies and popcorn?
  • Backyard Camping?
  • After dark swimming?

What did Friday night's in your childhood look like compared to what your kid's look like today? In my own day to day life where one day isn't really different than another Friday night's are special. With a husband that often works seven days a week and kids that homeschool, Friday night still holds a wow factor. Add in the fact that the days are longer and so darn hot in the middle of the day, summer Friday nights are the best! 

When I was a kid, Friday night's in the summer meant sleepovers, camping in the backyard with friends and staying up all hours of the night knowing I could sleep in the next day. There were often lots of my mom's friends over, hanging out at the pool, loud music and us kids "hiding" out. My grown up life isn't that much different to be honest. Now it's camping in the backyard with my kids, or movie/camp out on the couch with homemade popcorn and the latest Disney flick (Moana for the 45,000th time anyone?). No matter how much work I have to do, I try to make Friday night's a no work night. It's totally family time! 

Tampa Bay area documentary real life family photographerSummer TimeFriday night's are for fun in the summer time

Now my family is pretty cool but this mom has me beat in the cool department. A few Friday nights ago I got to hang out with this great family and photograph their Friday night routine. Awesome isn’t even close to the word I would use to describe it. I mean anything that includes playacting water games, fresh pizza dough being thrown in the air and the reading of favorite of books at the dinner table is way better than awesome.

Valrico, FL Documentary real life family photographer Summer time funFun family pool time for summertime

Their friday night's start with the pool and lots of fun pool games. Competitions on who can retrieve the rings the fastest, underwater conversations, lots of jumping in and being thrown in the water, playacting their way into the water pretending to be shot. It's what childhood should be all about, time with family having fun! 

Brandon documentary real life family photographer Summer time is fun timeFun pool time on Friday nights when the days are long in the summertime

Real life family photographer, Tampa Bay AreaFriday nights are for family Spending family time in the pool on a hot summer nights

Lithia documentary real life photographerFriday night lightsCelebrating the long days of summer

After wearing out the kids (and the parents) in the pool it's pizza time. Now most pizza nights at my house include calling my local delivery place, but when you have a little that can't have regular cheese, you become a little more inventive. First it starts with making your own dough so you can make pizza with goat cheese for your little and then it progresses to full on dough throwing. The tricks for this are letting it rest well, rolling it out perfectly and not being afraid to drop it on the ground. Then just practice, practice, practice!  

Valrico family photographerHow to throw your pizza doughFriday night summertime family fun. Make your own pizza

Valrico family photographerHow to throw your pizza doughFriday night summertime family fun. Make your own pizza Valrico family photographerHow to throw your pizza doughFriday night summertime family fun. Make your own pizza Family photographer capturing real life in Lithia, FL Family time together is special Spending summertime friday nights together as a family.

Family time is so important and can be hard for us to find the time to do with all of our busy lives (including our kids). Setting time apart on Friday night is perfect! Does it have to be as awesome as throwing pizza dough in the air? Nope, it can be as simple as reading on the couch, eating a meal all together at the table or watching a movie while eating popcorn. Keeping it simple increases the chance of it becoming routine and a memory. 

Family photographer capturing real life in Valrico, FL Summer friday nights togetherSpending time together celebrating the long days of summer.

Family photographer capturing real life in the Tampa Bay AreaFriday nights around the dinner tableSpending family together Family photographer capturing real life in the Tampa Bay AreaFriday nights around the dinner tableSpending family together



Want your Friday night routines preserved to giggle over in 20 years? Do you have special summer time plans? Imagine having all that summer fun in a photo album (with images of everyone including mom) to look through in years ahead. You too can have beautiful, real life pictures of your family like this to hang on your walls!!! I can help you with that. Check out a little more about what documentary photography is all about. Click Here Think about just having fun, no stress, being yourselves and doing stuff you really want to do. No pressure for cheese, no sit here and stop acting like a fool. It's the perfect sessions for kids and Dads! 

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Nikki G.(non-registered)
These are so perfect!! What a fun session!! I'm feeling inspired to go throw my own pizza dough in the air!! :)
This is awesome, Kelly! There's something about Friday nights that are exciting, especially when they're spent doing fun things with the ones you love! These photos are perfect! Also, we don't have little ones yet... but I may or may not have the Moana soundtrack on repeat... no shame at all!
I love these! We grew up making our own pizza also, although we bought the dough from the local pizzeria (NYC pizza dough is impossible to recreate at home!) It was a tradition my dad started, and I continue it at home now with my own kids.

Also, I had to laugh, because my daughter has off from school today, and as I was reading this we are also watching Moana!
These everyday moments are perfectly captured!
Those are some mad pizza skills! Friday night's here are pretty special too! Wish you were closer to come document ours!
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