Summer Bucket List {35+ Great Ways to Kill Time this Summer | Tampa Bay, FL}

Tampa Bay Area Family PhotographerSummer Bucket ListA great list of local to Florida things to do this summer

Summer is officially upon us. The heat, the humidity, the kids driving us insane with cries of boredom. Are you shipping your sweet little ones off to summer camps, Grandparent's house or the local dog shelter (just kidding) or are you toughing it out with them (and lots of alcohol) at home for the summer? 

I thought maybe we could all use a little help on some great ideas so I scoured the internet, asked all my local mom friends and compiled this list of fun ideas for a summer bucket list. 

Tampa Bay Area Family PhotographerFlorida Summer To Do List Exploring Florida this summer with our bucket list

My number one idea that I will accomplish this summer is spring hopping. This is something my Dad and I did every summer as a kid. Sometimes we camped out for the whole weekend and sometimes we tried to see how many different springs we could get to in one day. He had this old map of Florida with all these unnamed springs on it. It meant that often we would end up in the middle of someone's pasture, but it sure was fun. It is one of my greatest memories of summer with my Dad as a kid. For my trips I think I will use this guide to help us find the way. There is also a Facebook Group for Spring Hunters. It's a great way to learn all the tips and tricks of spring hunting. 

Lithia Family Photographer Summer Bucket ListExploring Florida this summer with our bucket list

On those really hot summer days (or rainy ones), I hope to visit some cool local spots for fun. Solomon's Castle has been on my todo list for over a year, but this year I will make it there with the kids. I also want to make a trip to the east coast to hit up the beach, the space center and hopefully watch a rocket launch. Pre kids we drove over for a shuttle launch and it was so cool to watch!! I have spent years watching them on TV, but to see (and hear) it live was an awe inspiring event. This year I want to introduce my 6 year old to many of the local art museums in the Tampa Bay Area. There is so much culture here! 

Tampa Bay Area Family PhotographerTampa Bay Summer Bucket ListThings to do for the summer with the kids in Florida

I am such a homebody that I have to have a list of todo's at home as much as going and seeing things. I want to play in the rain and mud puddles with the kids, make homemade ice cream, and have a popsicle eating contest. Spend a lazy summer afternoon in the hammock reading books and lots of sprinkler time! Summer memories don't have to be big or extravagant, they can be as simple as watching the stars at night or running through an afternoon rain shower. Just spending time together as a family means more than anything! 

Lithia, Fishhawk family photographerSummer Bucket ListList of things to do to beat summer boredom


Need more ideas? Check out My Ultimate List of 35 Things To Do this Summer. It's a great PDF that you can hang on the fridge and cross off each one as you accomplish it. Have some more ideas to add? Feel free to leave them in the comments and I will be happy to update this list!! 

Don't forget to document all these great ideas to look back on the fun you are having this summer! You can always hire me to tag along to make sure you are in the frame with your family or check out my other great ideas on how to preserve your memories


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