Getting ready for Easter in a busy house {Real life Children and Family Photographer | Lithia, FL }

Is your house busy?? I mean 4 kids busy? Because my life is only 2 kids busy and most days I want to run and hid in a closet with a giant chocolate bunny (or a delish craft beer). 

I was so happy to be able to document the time honored tradition of dying the Easter eggs with my dear friends. Do you still dye eggs with your kiddos? We have farm fresh eggs, but they are brown and green so it's the one time of year I actually buy eggs. This year I am totally I am hard boiling them in my instant pressure cooker pot! I am a little stoked!


These guys are so awesome!! I mean, the love you feel as soon as you walk in the door, wow, it knocks you over!!  They laugh and pick at each other with that perfect mix of sarcastic good stuff that it makes you want to move in and become the 5th kid!


After hanging out, making eggs pretty, they let the kids room free outside. Since this is a military family, they move and move often! Being able to capture these kids happy and carefree at this moment in time is so important to them! The chapters in their life change rapidly. 

Of course we try to sneak in a few of those posed family shots too! ;) 


At our house for easter, the bunny always hides the basket creating a scavenger hunt to find it. The kids have to roam all over the house following the clues both inside and out. It's great fun!  Tell me about your Easter traditions in the comments!! Do you buy eggs already dyed or enjoy the fun of dying them yourself. Do you hid plastic eggs, or the dyed ones? What do you do with all those hard boiled eggs after easter is over? Send me your recipes! 


Laura Roberts(non-registered)
This looks so much fun. We don't have kids, so I miss Easter eggs and baskets. I appreciate getting to share yours with you. We always dyed our own, but I love hard boiled eggs, so it was great. Egg salad and deviled eggs! Thanks.
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