3 Cool Ways to Preserve Your Family Memories

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Do you ever think back to the funny thing your kid did last week, but just can't remember the specifics? It happens to me ALL THE TIME. I know that right now my kid is totally into trains, and has been for many years, but one day that memory will become fuzzy. The way he builds tracks all over the house in crazy patterns and they stretch through multiple rooms, how he has to make the biggest pile up train crash he can, and Thomas the Train everything. Will I still remember how trains consumed his life in 10 years? What about 20 years? Will I remember when his son becomes train obsessed? 

Real life family photographer Tampa, FL the Train obsession of a 5 year old

Sometimes (who am I kidding, most of the time) I post these things on facebook, but then I can never seem to find those moments again when I want to.... so annoying. As much as I love having the "On this Day" Pop up everyday, I love it more when I can sit down with the family and look through those memories together. The giggles and stories that flow is just amazing. I recently got my first order of chatbooks in the mail the other day and totally caught my kiddos going through the pictures laughing with each other. For a 3 year and 5 year old I consider that a win. I loved it so much I include a link for your first chatbook free in the download for 3 Fabulous Ways to Preserve Your Memories!

Real Life Family Photographer Tampa FL Looking through the ChatbookReliving old memories  

Wanna know what goodies are in 3 Fabulous Ways to Preserve Family Memories?

  • How about an easy to use template for journaling your memories with drag and drop picture inserts? 
  • Link for your first chatbooks free, plus other great sites to get those images off of social media and put in print
  • easy ideas for both writing or using the great technology of our phones



Real Life Family Photographer3 Fabulous Ways to Preserve Your Memories


This quick and easy read will really help you keep those memories from getting fuzzy as the seasons change. The included links and free download put things right at the touch of your fingers, so there is no excuse. Keep those funny anecdotes well preserved so you can share them back with your kids on their wedding day. 

Real Life Family Photographer Tampa, FLoh my freebies!A quick and easy way to preserve your memories


I'll have to share this with my brother and sister in law for my niece! Thanks for the tips!
Tammy Reasor(non-registered)
Would love to do this before my babies leave the nest
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Great idea and very helpful links.
Great tips!! Thanks for sharing :)
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