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Real life family and children photographer in Lithia, FLA random day in my lifeDocumenting my everyday real life as a photographer in the Tampa Bay Area This is my day. 

The good and the bad, the mess, the noise. 

I have been working on a lot of personal projects lately and one of those is film, the other is getting in the frame with my kids. Next up, getting my husband in the frame too. 

I recently had a photographer come in and document my own family life (And I can't wait to share them with you guys!). I was super relaxed about the session until about an hour beforehand. The poor girl got stuck in horrible traffic and was over 1.5 hrs late because of it, the sky was the most grey you have ever seen and it was one of the coldest days we had had in a long while. I had these visions of us playing in the creek with the warm sun behind us, because this is something that we do on a regular basis. With the falling light and overcast skies I knew that wasn't going to happen, but then I remembered something! I remembered that none of that mattered, what I really wanted was to capture in print the time we spend with our kids doing what we love best. Sure the water was cold, so what, my kids don't care. Sure it was grey and overcast, doesn't matter, it's the emotion I wanted captured, not the sky! 

It is that emotion I see when I watch this video. It is the time spent together that matters, not where it is spent at. 

Pictures are like a song, telling a story, transporting you into the past!



Want to know more about real life photography? Come check me out, let me tell your story! 

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Heather Floyd(non-registered)
This is fabulous! Can't wait to see the images you had taken!
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