Wall displays for your real life images {Candid Family Photographer | Lithia, FL}

family documentary photographerStoryboard Collage printsTell your stories with storyboard collage prints for your walls

So you just had this awesome session. All your fun favorite images are laying in front of you on the table and I am sitting across from you. You are sorting through your proofs, making your YES, NO and Maybe piles, all the while thinking to yourself, what the F am I going to do with all these perfect family photos. How am I going to decide what goes where? 


I LOVE family albums! I have many of them on my shelf, both the old sticky clear page kind of me naked as a baby (or toddler) and more modern books of my own naked kids. I love putting them together and I love it when clients order them (yes, that's a lot of love). I also really love it when I see family stories on walls! I recently just placed a 3' X 4' (yes FOOT) print on my wall of my kids naked raking the yard! I am also running out of wall space!


I totally understand how hard it can be to narrow down that set of images to one or three to put on the wall! That's where storyboards come into play! I will happily help you design the perfect collage to hang the whole story from either some preset designs or something that matches your style perfectly! 


They can be prints that you will frame, metal prints ready to hang or wood block prints (also ready to hang)! Don't want to hang them? Don't want to frame them? Just order a beautiful print and set it on your mantle or a shelf! This takes all the work out if it! 


Want to see some awesome examples both sitting on my shelf and some layouts? Ok, I can do that! 

Unposed, Candid, documentary family photographer Storyboard Photo CollageShow off your family documentary session with a storyboard instead of a single image.

Above is an example of a family session I did with 5 kids plus a new baby! This simple collage tells the whole story of what life is like with a new baby in the house! The image below is of my little girl and actually does sit on my shelf! This square print shows what a day in her life is like for her third birthday. 

Unposed, Candid, documentary family photographer A day in the life of a 3 year oldStory board collage print of my daughter's third birthday.

Here are some more example layouts from a few different family sessions. Collages can be a small collection of a few images or a large 30x40 metal print! The choice is up to you, but don't worry I will hold your hand and help lead you  down the path! 

Unposed, Candid, documentary family photographer 16x16 Storyoard photo collageShowing off the family fun in a photo collage


Unposed, Candid, documentary family photographer 16x24 storyboard exampleFamily photo collage


Unposed, Candid, documentary family photographer 16x20 storybaordFamily photo session fun


Unposed, Candid, documentary family photographer 30x40 Story Board exampleOur life in a 30x40 metal print photo collage


Need more information on one of these cool Storyboard prints? Email me today and I will hook you up! 



Jen Grima(non-registered)
I love those storyboard prints! What a perfect way to display multiple photos at once.
Seriously. Gallery walls are my favourite. We got a bigger house because I ran out of wall space... And now I'm almost out again!
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