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baby sleeping, little boy jumping Decorating the TreeGetting ready for Christmas. Real life family documentary photography, Tampa, FL

The time of year when we break out the boxes of decorations from the attic, blast holiday music and dance in our pj's while decorating the tree. At least this is how we do it at my house. I have a love-hate relationship with the holidays and decorating. I mean I love the thought of it, the smell of the fresh Christmas tree, the twinkling lights, the spiked eggnog. Then comes the ocd ornament placement and fights with the kids, the dropping needles and the silly elf that so far my kids have forgotten about. 

Ah, Christmas, so much joy, so much pain. 

This family did it right! They let the kids place ornaments (and waited till they weren't looking to move them). They enjoyed the day just having fun, hanging out in their pj's and singing deck the halls. 

This is how decorating the tree should be. Maybe I can learn a lesson. 


Holiday Decorating from Momma G Soul on Vimeo.


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