The sites of Seattle through my lens {Documentary Photographer | Tampa, FL}

Do you remember a few weeks ago when we were all certain the world was going to end? The winds and rain were going to sweep us away, the stores ran out of white bread and bottled water (but not butter bread or Gatorade), the gas stations ran out of gas and there wasn't a piece of plywood in sight? Yeah, that was fun. Well, in the midst of the panic, doom, gloom, and certainty that we were going to be powerless and roofless for the next month, I received a little email. 




This wasn't just any little email, this was an email that needed a response within 48 hours and I didn't know if I would even have a house in 48 hours. I had officially been selected as a class participant in Kirsten Lewis's Creative Live Class, I had 48 hours to say yes, with 10 days to book a flight and make sleeping arrangements, all while prepping for the biggest hurricane in history. No problem! Actually we got really lucky post Hurricane Irma. Minus some major leaf clean up in the yard, we went untouched. All the stress and anxiety passed, I booked the flights and talked 3 random photographer strangers (that were also going to the class) to shack up with me. 

I made my early morning departure from TPA before the dawn. I was anxious to stretch this trip as far as I could. I love my husband and kids, but I was not passing up this opportunity to be a single adult for a few days, even if that meant sitting in an airport an extra hour. A quick layover in Chicago and I was whisked off again to Seattle. The plane ride was long and I enjoyed every minute reading whatever the hell I wanted to read. 

Tampa airport, on the plane, Chicago airportPlane ride from TPA to ORD to SEATime spent at the airport and on the plane

Landing in Seattle I quickly caught up with a long time facebook photographer friend. One of those that I have spent long moments in deep PMs with at midnight, but never met face to face. I immediately felt a deep bond (the first one of many made over the next few days) and became fast friends over food and beer! 

I spent the next two days deep in learning mode at Creative Live. My day filled with photographer learning mojo and no cell phone was good for my brain and my soul. I had many ah ha moments (some of which you can read here), some tears (and you know I don't cry), life affirming thoughts and overall warm gooey enlightenment goodness.

group of people at table, cool sign about now, new friends on the monorail Creative LiveThe fabulous crew at creative live

 During the off hours I drank more than I ate (which is saying something because I ate some good food), wandered the streets after dark alone enjoying the sights and sounds of the city. Took in the smell of city life and salt air while just meandering, not really knowing where to go or what to see, but just learning the lay of the blocks around the airbnb I stayed at.

boy on skateboard, dog in stroller, couple dancing, Downtown street life in SeattleWalking the streets of Seattle, Washington

baby and dadStrangers on the streetCapturing the nightlife of Pike's Market after dark old asian woman pushing cartNight life of Pike's Place Market Downtown SeattleA older woman walking with her groceries

The final day I flew out super late (again to stretch this trip as far as I could) and walked the streets seeing all the typical downtown Seattle tourist things. Saw the Needle, wandered Olympic Park, sat in Victor Steinbrueck Park in gorgeous comfortable weather for over an hour with no interruptions,  walked along the inlet to the Pike Place Market, watched them throw fish and hawk their wares. I drank good beer, sat at the bar like an adult, had adult uninterrupted conversations and even hung out with a "band" from England called DOOF that really consisted of 4 guys drinking beer and shooting the sh*t. I spent adult time doing adult things like a F'ing adult. It was glorious.

Space Needle, The Paramount, The Great WheelSeattle through my lensHow I viewed Seattle, the space needle and the downtown,

Saffron Spice Economy Market Pike Place MarketPike Place MarketScouting the Economy Market at Pike Place Market in Downtown Seattle, Washington

MAn on bikeDowntown SeattleStreet photography of the life of Seattle Pike Place Market, Farmer's Market, SeattleDowntown SeattleStreet photography of the life of Seattle Pike Place Market during the day veruses at night Downtown SeattleStreet photography of the life of Seattle

The Pike Place Fish Market was a treasure trove for people watching. They put on a show with their sing song yelling, fish throwing and funny anecdotes. What was more fun was watching the people's reaction, the crowds cheer (after being told to) and the kid's eyes bright with amusement. If you go, make sure you see the monk fish up close and personal. 

Monk Fish, Woman's reaction to moving fishPike Place Fish MarketWatching them throw fish and people's reactions at Pike Place Market Kids watching the fish at the marketPike Place Fish MarketWatching them throw fish and people's reactions at Pike Place Market Crabs, Fish MongerPike Place Fish MarketWatching them throw fish and people's reactions at Pike Place Market

Girl talking about woman's movement Pike Place Fish MarketCaught by Fisherman (or woman)

Man throwing fishThrowing fish at Pike Place Fish MarketWatching them throw fish and people's reactions at Pike Place Market

Above all, it was the friendships forged that filled my soul with warmth and belonging. The reminder that photography is a journey, not a destination and we all follow our own path. Above all, I was reminded that: 

"Nothing is better than real life" -K. Lewis

Group of photographers at Creative LiveCreative LiveOur "class" at Kirsten Lewis's Family Photography: Creating a successful business

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LOVE these!! Travel photography suits you.
Seriously. Such an amazing experience! So happy you were able to go. Thanks for sharing your adventures! Xoxo
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