A little personal trip to the big lake {Documentary, Lifestyle Photographer | Lithia, FL}

Some where in south west Florida on a quite backroad. Believe it or not, there are still some back roads in Florida you can stand in the middle of for more than 5 minutes without getting run over. Some days you just have to say, I am not cleaning, let the dirty dishes and piles of clean clothes needing to be folded sit and take the day off. That's what I did one day last week. My kids and I packed a lunch and jumped in the car with only a vague notion of where we would end up. We drove for 10 hours and 350 miles, never leaving south Florida. From our house just south east of Tampa, we meandered the quiet back roads until finally making a turn back home once we rounded Lake Okeechobee. We stopped where we wanted, when we wanted, and as my son says, had a super cool, awesome, all day adventure!

A wild looking horse in a pasture on a two lane back road in south Florida. Even though one would think this is the middle of now where, University of Florida has a large agricultural station close by. There are still many ranches here in the middle of the state.

Peace River in Arcadia, FL We stopped for lunch at this quite little park on the Peace River and watched some kids swimming in the river.

We stopped for lunch and to stretch out legs once we hit the Peace River in Arcadia. It was fun to watch the local kids swing on the rope swing and swim in the river. Reminded me of my childhood. 

South Bay, FloridaThe southern tip of Lake Okeechobee, 80 miles from Miami. Lake Okeechobee is an interesting place. If you have never been I highly recommend it. The "Big Lake" is 730 square miles with a huge dike surrounding the entire lake. Many place you can drive up on the dike to get a breath taking view. 

the marina on the east shore of Lake Okeechobee My son watching the fisherman at the dock. The marina on the east shore of Lake Okeechobee A great spot to catch a few fish and see some alligators on the lake.


After finally making the turn for home, the skies started to open up and the typical south Florida sky could be seen. Large open space, cattle, palm trees and a storm rolling in. 

South east Florida landscapeAn afternoon thunderstorm was coming on fast as we traveled up HWY 98 through south east Florida. We didn't grab many images as most of the day was just spent enjoying each other's company. My kids had a blast seeing a new environment and learning new things. I think this is a trip we will repeat soon. 



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