The end of a good year {Documentary Real Life Lifestyle Photographer | Tampa, FL }

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It's that time of year when we start thinking about the previous year. The good times, the sticky times, the times we wanted to dunk our kids in the river and walk away (just kidding, kinda). 

Every year I jump at creating the perfect Christmas card, but this year slipped by me. With the flu attacking the house and well, just life I didn't get my act together. So, instead I went through all my personal images of my life this past year and compiled a great slide show. 

So Happy Holidays from the Haymes clan! 



The family in review. Happy Holidays from us to you!



Trish Reschly(non-registered)
This is lovely! ♡♡♡
Alexandra Bagley(non-registered)
What a beautiful tribute to 2016! The details you capture are so beautiful.
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