An Afternoon in the Life of..... {Documentary | Lifestyle | Real Life Photographer | Tampa, FL }

Sometimes in life we meet people that immediately welcome us into their lives. You feel at home the moment you step on their porch. You feel a kinship with them and just know you will be friends. This is how I felt when I first met Kim and Steven. I am thankful for the years that I have known them, even if I don't get to see them in Missouri much.

When Steven was diagnosed with Leukemia a few years I knew I wanted to document their family, but things came up and I just couldn't make the drive out. 

Then he relapsed. Things got scary again. 

I knew when/if their life got back to some semblance of normal I had to make the drive out. So I did. They were a huge part of the reason for my 5,000 mile trip a few weeks back. I spent an entire afternoon/evening with them, just hanging out, talking, taking a few pictures. Telling their story! 


If you would love to keep up with Kim and Steven's story check out her fabulous writing over at Helping Me UP


This is their story! 

What's Yours? 



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