A little hike in the Florida Woods {Documentary Real Life Family Photographer | Tampa, FL}

Tampa Bay area children and family documentary photographer. Hiking the Alafia River Took the kids for a morning hike and documented the trip.

Yesterday, after my child had a 20 minute screaming meltdown (He is almost 6, when does that stop?) I thought some fresh air would do the whole family good. So we set off for a hike in the woods. I would like to say that normally hiking in December in Florida is pretty awesome, but I sweated way too much yesterday. I really want winter to be here! 

We set off from Alderman's Preserve in Lithia. I longed for the cool shade of the river so we set off heading due south. We were quickly rewarded with some shade and a gorgeous view. 

This can be a short or long hike depending on your skill level and you are bound to see lots of turtles and maybe even a alligator or two. I do suggest bringing bug spray no matter what time of year it is! 


Took the kids for a little hike in the Alderman Preserve


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