Holiday Cards, 5 Ways to do Family Pictures Differently {Family Photographer | Tampa, FL}

Holiday CardsFamily Christmas Card The story of my family as a documentary photographer in Tampa, FL. This totally tells you what my life is like!

Do you dread family picture day? I mean we all love family pictures, but does anyone else dread the actual process? I know I do. 

What if I said there is a different way? What if I said I would come to your house or favorite gathering spot and take photos of you just having fun, being normal, being you? What if I then said that these beautiful images of your gorgeous family just having fun would make perfect Christmas Cards? 


Yup, I just said it, I just dropped the bomb that you can have a stress free, fun session and get perfect images for your friends and family that tell a story of your life! 

Perfect Family Picture for Christmas CardsHere is a perfect holiday card picture that tells a story of our family. | Documentary Photographer, Tampa FL

Here are 5 ways to do family pictures differently and tell your story to your friends and family.



No Stress

None, really

No Matching outfits with a bow for your daughter that she refuses to wear (or is that just my daughter?)

No fights with your husband because you are running late (again, maybe just me and my husband) 

You can just be you and all your glory! 


No Bribes

See number 2 above

No saying Cheese, look here, or please be on your best behavior (I don't even want to hear those words at all, I want you and your children au naturel, but with clothes on)

Imagine just having fun baking cookies, eating cookies, sharing said cookies with your favorite photographer, reading books, swimming, letting the kids play dress up or pretend play! 

Tampa Documentary PhotographerWhat a great way to tell friends and family about the new arrival! This family photo from their fresh 48 session would be perfect for their holiday cards! It tells the story of their new addition perfectly!

No Travel (Unless you really want to)

I come to you

your house, home, neighborhood, casa

OR we can meet up at some other favorite gathering space, the local ice cream shop you hang at often, the town square where the kids play, the local park that you walk to every darn day or your 3 yr old will have a melt down about missing park time (oh wait, that's mine again). 

I promise if we shoot at your house I will not show those 5 baskets of unfolded laundry in the corner (well that's what is in the corner of my living room anyway), your house isn't too dark or dirty, or messy or any of these things. It's your home, it's the space that you spend the majority of your time in with your family, it is a part of you! 


Easy to include all the things that make up your life and tell your story

Want to show off the dog/cat/rabbit/snake/lizard? In home sessions make this easy! No dragging fido to the park. 

Sit and play cards or make a fun craft with the kids at that gorgeous new table you bought that you have been dying to show off.

Put in a pool this summer and want to brag that you are swimming in November to all your friends and family up north? This is a perfect way to do it and show off Susie's cannonball. 

Florida in NovemberWhat a better Christmas Card photo to send to family up North? | Documentary Photographer Tampa, FL

You can tell your story

Tell how little Bobby can ride his bike with no training wheels.

How Janie has read 24 books this school year already and you can't get her nose out of book. 

How the baby is sitting/crawling/standing/walking

Tell family and friends how every Sunday you take a walk in your neighborhood with your family to a "secret" spot where the kids climb trees or that everyone sits around on Saturday afternoon reading books and playing cards

Tell the story of how your life feels, let the images of your life tell loved ones (and that cousin that you hardly know but make sure you send a card to every year) all the great things that make up your life right now! 

Ikea FunTrying to sneak in just mom and dad momentsThe story of mom and dad getting just a few quiet moments while the kids play in the stroller at Ikea! | Tampa Documentary Photographer

Think about doing Christmas cards a little differently this year by telling a story not just picture. I promise your life isn't too boring or a mess, it's real and real is the new perfect! Celebrate your life, just as it is and share it with your family and friends for the holidays! 

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