Behind {Family Photographer | Lithia, FL }

It’s almost midnight, almost…….

To say the least I am behind in editing (personal stuff), behind in blogging, behind in marketing, behind in laundry and dishes and all things domestic. I feel like I’m always behind. I would love to say I’m behind in all those things because I’m spending “quality” time with my kids every day, but that’s not true either. To be honest I couldn’t tell you why I am behind. I spend my day barely treading water in everything. Not enough hands, not enough hours, not enough money, just not enough.

Here I sit, close to midnight, after putting the baby back to sleep for the second time, listening to my husband softly snore and reflect on yet another day as a mom. Some days are a dream, some days I beg and plead for just five minutes in the shower alone. Just five minutes of silence, not speaking to anyone about anything, no “mom”, no “honey”, no baby wanting to be picked up.  Tonight I got those five minutes (although I think it was really only 3.5 but who’s counting) and in that time I thought about sharing this with you. Yes, I will get caught up on all the other goings on I’ve been working on the past few months and maybe even talk about future ones eventually, but for now it’s only the present.

One of my new photography passions is participating in challenges. A group gives you a word, phrase or some set of rules to follow and says “go out into the world and take pictures”, so I have been.  One day last week I took pictures every hour of the day (including an Ikea trip) to document what our life is like. This week the challenge was to revert to the film days. The rules were simple, I could only take 24 photos, no sneak peeks at the back of the camera and I had to wait three days before I could import them and look at them. So off we went to Target with camera in hand, I only clicked the shutter button 24 times, I didn’t sneak a look, I played by the rules and I had fun!



And now it is after midnight……..


Love the blog. The realness to motherhood. Most of all I love how sweet little girl grew up and accomplished so much. You are far from behind. Hugs.
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