That time my kid met Pete Souza {Documentary Photographer | Tampa, FL}

Yes, I have been a little Pete Souza obsessed lately. He is currently on a book tour promoting his new photo book " Obama, An Intimate Portrait " and is making the rounds...
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A lesson about real life from the guy that photographed the president

Have you ever heard the name, Pete Souza? Today I took my kids to ride the escalators and watch planes take off and land at the airport. What I thought would be cheap ent...
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Real or Fake, the Christmas Family Tradition {Real life family photographer | Lithia, FL}

Real Tree or Fake Tree for Christmas? I feel like there are two distinct people in the world, those that insist on filling their house with the fresh smell of pine every...
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Mom Life | How it looks versus How it feels {Real Life Family Photographer, Tampa, FL}

There are lots of words that can describe mom life. Love Hard Joyous Long Servitude Unconditional Emotional Rewarding Chaos Real Raw Amazing The list goes on...
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The sites of Seattle through my lens {Documentary Photographer | Tampa, FL}

Do you remember a few weeks ago when we were all certain the world was going to end? The winds and rain were going to sweep us away, the stores ran out of white bread and...
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